best hair transplant surgeon in delhi
FUE Hair Transplant

Top Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

Best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi

First of all, going for a hair transplant one should know about the thing known as a hair transplant.

Hair transplantation or also known as hair transplant surgery is a newly developed surgery based application where the hair follicles fro an individual’s body part ( known as the donor site ), is transferred or transplanted to a bald body part ( known as the ‘ recipient site ‘ )

Many individuals during the early ages face a lot of hair fall issue where we need some doctors. Here is the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Who not only are experienced in their field but also provides cheap and effective things.

Best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi gives the best result product at a very reasonable price. The costing of the hair transplantation differs from the various sizes we need the transplantation for.

The costing for hair transplantation ranges from ₹ 40  –  ₹ 45 per graft ( it is a structure that contains the hair follicles which are genetically acceptable and resistant to various environmental factors )


The Capital of INDIA that is DELHI is the center of attraction for the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. We can eventually see that there is a huge population who is looking for this kind of treatment per year.

The hair transplantation clinic or the hospitals is the best hair transplant area wherein the best-preferred destination all over India.

The best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi has the best infrastructure where the service is provided at a very minimal and effective pricing point.

The best hair transplant surgeon includes the following surgeons : –

1 . B Vertex Hair & Skin Solutions

2 . Radiant Asthetics

3 . Dermalife Hair transplant clinic and dermatologist clinic

4 . Care well medical center

5 . Provelus hair transplant clinic

6 . Akeso hair transplant

7 . Skin plus clinic

8 . Dr . Paul clinic

9 . Richfeel trichology center.

Before going for the treatment one should know what actually this treatment is ? What all methods and instrumentation it includes ?? And what all the methodology is ??

There are various types of hair transplant treatment : –

FUT ( which stands for follicular unit transplantation )

1 . It is the most oldest and primitive method of hair transplant, but for time being it is still in use by certain doctors as it is very beneficial and the success rate is very much high.

2 . It is the method which includes the removal of a strip or a line of hair from the area which has a lot of hair length and the transplantation of this line is done on the affected area where the hair needs to be transferred.

3 . People who usually suffer from a particular Design or patterned baldness go for this treatment

4 it is done on both male and female.

5 . A single layer of graft line is taken and extracted from a particular site and then carefully and cleanly stitched by various instruments by the doctor ( surgeon )

6 . Whosoever part is included in this as a donor region will have a scar or a thin mark for a lifetime .

Here the recovering of this takes around 4 and more weeks from the time it has been started from.

Second time of techniques include the FUE ( it stands for FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION )

1 . This type of technique is the most advanced form of techniques that are most prominent among the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. It has become really popular among the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi these days.

2 . This method includes the hair graft extraction from the region called the donor site

3 . Here the hair follicles grafts are not required to be stored inside certain solutions they can be directly used to transfer in the area of baldness.

4 . They are the finest follicles that are to be transferred at the line of hair and they are the thicker version which is transferred to the middle region area.

5 . It includes less scars area

6 . It takes less and much lesser time to recover than other technology.

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of FUT AND FUE : –


1 . The great advantage of this FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION ( FUT ) is that it is very highly beneficial as it gives more hair growth. If the main focus is to get the max number of hair through the restoration purpose we can go for this treatment. FUT should be used.

2 . There are various other things that are: –

3 . It includes the high-quality instruments to dissect and cut the hair follicles and it has a great focus towards the ability to transfer the hair.


1 . The main focus of this FUE ( follicular unit extraction ) is to not leaving behind the traces of this line at the donor site.

2 . And provides with better and faster healing recover time span. If an individual primitive goal is to the ability to take their hair very small and short in amount and then return back quickly to the level then it is the deal which can be easily preferred and can be taken in account.

3 . FUE is Also considered a good technique when it has been accounted that there is a greater risk of broadened scar or where there are chances that the skin would loose it’s laxity that does not permit a strip dissection.

4 . Sometimes patients may select thus technique as they think this technique to be a thinner line behind which can be easily hidden under other hair growth line.

The best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi provides with the best treatment in today’s day to day life where due to stress and changing lifestyles the capital is facing huge patterned hair loss ( baldness )

Apart from the above-stated clinic, there is more best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi namely : –

1 . Dr Bhawan Chaudhary

2 . Dr. Paramveer Singh

This clinic provides with the art of best hair transplant and cosmetic surgery facilities. As in today’s life, this treatment has been in a lot of use and with a very high rate of success.

Various dermatologists especially work under this field to get the best hair transplant surgery done. There are various dermatologists who provide with other non – surgical procedures of hair transplant in a good range of pricing.


Hence the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi includes all these factors which can not only provide the best facilities under a nominal price range and also with an effective success ratio that can help both the males and females of the Younger age group to get their transplantation done.

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