How to Lose weight in a week

How to lose 10 kg Weight in a Week

How to lose 10 kg Weight in a Week

How to lose weight? This is the burning question. You ask this question to anyone, you would get thousands of advice from many people and even from those people who are themselves suffering from obesity. But when you try out their advice, nothing seems to work.
Thank yourself for landing on this page. In this article, I am gonna answer this burning question-“how to lose weight” in the most scientific manner and thus if you follow me, results are guaranteed to come.
We will look at each and every aspect of weight gain. And finally, we will reach a point where you will get your planned strategy for losing weight.
Here we go.

Decide if you are really over-weight?

Before you launch your “weight loss mission”, I want you to realize if you really need to do this.
What I mean to say is check your BMI(body mass index). If your BMI shows you are overweight or obese then you should take steps to lose weight otherwise no need.
Before you take steps for losing weight, I want you to identify what actually makes you overweight as to make our steps more planned and effective.

What causes weight gain?

There are multiple reasons responsible for making you overweight. Main things responsible for making you fat are

1. Your Genetics
If both of your mother and father are obese then most probably you are overweight because of your genes. But that does not at all mean that you cannot lose weight.
You can lose weight but it can be a little hard for you and you will gain weight soon. If you think you are overweight because of your genes than you need to control your eating and lifestyle habits throughout your life to maintain a normal weight.

2. Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle
Your lifestyle

If you are a lazy kind of person and pass most of your time on chair or bed then this can be a reason you are fat. No matter, if you are not eating much still lazy lifestyle, can make you fat. On the other hand, if you are active then no matter how much you eat, you can control your weight.

3. Your food

Unhealthy food
Unhealthy food

How much you eat and what you eat definitely affect your weight. If you eat too much fat and carbohydrates then this can make you fat. Also how much calories you intake is important. An average person is recommended to eat 3000 calories a day.

Now we know what makes us fat. We will now see some ways to lose weight based on reasons I list above.
I have divided these ways into 3 categories: your food, your lifestyle and your workout.

Diet to lose weight

1. Eat less

An average person is recommended to eat 3000 calories a day but if you are on a “weight loss mission”, you should cut down your calories to half.
If you were eating 3000 calories a day, now eat 1500. If you were eating 1500 a day, now eat 700. And try fasting several times a month.

2. Eat less carbohydrate

Ear less carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are an important nutrient that we require for energy. So we should not avoid them and in fact, we can’t because almost all things we eat contains carbohydrates. So we cannot get a food that does not have carbohydrate but for sure we can get foods that have a low amount of carbohydrate.
And we need to eat more of such food sources with low carbohydrates to lose weight fast.

3. Avoid fat
Fat is yet another important nutrient but this is most of the times the main reason behind obesity. Fat gets stores fast in your fat cells and leads to fatness.
So you need to avoid eating a lot of fat.

4. Eat less sugar
Sugar is bad, we all know it. And it can cause obesity and belly fat. You should lower down your sugar intake to a minimum for the best. Try drinking your coffee or tea without sugar. And avoid beverages with high sugar and low nutrition like alcohol and soda.

5. Eat more protein
Yes, research has shown that protein is very good for fat loss. We all know, how important protein is for good muscle health. So you need to eat more protein.
Try to intake 70% of your calories from protein. Protein will fill your tummy without giving you much fat and calories.

5. Vinegar may help
Several studies have shown that vinegar can help you lose weight.
Try to consume 1-2 tablespoon vinegar every day.

6. Eat Fiber
Increase your fiber intake, this would help you decrease your body weight fast. You can increase your fiber intake by eating fiber-rich food sources.

7. Coffee is really helpful
Coffee made from caffeine is considered good for fat and weight loss. Drink it more but without sugar.

Lifestyle to lose weight

1. Sleep more
If you will not get enough sleep then this can make you obese. For your efforts to give results, make sure you sleep enough. A normal man is advised to sleep at least for 5 hours.

2. Anxiety and stress
If you take too much stress and you are anxious all the time then this can lead to more weight gain. So don’t take much stress and be happy.

Workout to lose weight

1. Do cardio more

Do More Cardio
Do More cardio

Cardio exercises are the most effective for weightless. These exercises were solely designed to lose body fat and thus weight. You cannot ignore cardio exercises if you wanna lose body weight fast.
Down I list some of the most effective cardio exercises to lose weight:
Keep walking: Walking is the simplest yet most effective way to burn calories. When you walk for an hour, you burn as much as 400 calories. So keep walking every day.
Run stairs: Running on stairs is yet another cardio exercise which is not as simple as walking but the most effective for sure. When you run stairs continuously for 1 hour, you can burn as much as 1000 calories.
Try other Excercise like jumping ropes and cycling.

2. Do strength training

Do strength training
Do strength training

Strength training is a workout type you would need to lose weight fast. Strength training will not only improve your metabolism but also help you lose body fat and weight while sleeping.


Losing body weight is not rocket science but what makes it so difficult is your low willpower and wrong understanding.
Just eat less, improve your lifestyle and be active and you will see your weight decreasing significantly in some weeks.
Hope it helps. Thanks for reading and comment down below if I forgot to list any of the ways to lose body weight.

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